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2024: A Year of Trust

For many, many years I’ve been aware of the idea of intentionally choosing a word for the year—a word that resonates deeply. It can be something you find challenging, a direction you want to go in or a theme you want for your life in the upcoming year.

This is not something I’ve done before, but a few weeks ago I decided to embrace it for 2024. I sat quietly, took a few deep breaths and asked myself: What do I need in 2024? The word that came instantly was trust.

Well, on New Year’s Day, my first opportunity to trust landed in my inbox.

A new Facebook friend sent me a link to her online church service.

My normal reaction to something like this would have been to reject it. Yes. I would have not even clicked on it.


Because back in 1977 when my mother died, I shut God out of my life. As a 12-year-old child, I couldn’t understand how a just God could take my mother when I needed her the most. I was angry with God and I stayed that way.

Being brought up as a Catholic contributed too. I found it confusing when on the one hand I was told God was all around me, then I was severely reprimanded for turning around in church because I was turning my back on God. Go figure!

Anyway, God wasn’t my favourite guy, as you’ve probably guessed.

Over the years I have prayed, mostly in desperate times. Yes, I have been the one who quite literally called out when my brother was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer, when I was desperately lonely and lost, and when I couldn’t find solace in any I’d previously been able to.

On 5th April 1977, I lost trust in God, and everyone else, including myself. This year is about learning to trust all over again—to open my heart and allow myself to feel the love within myself and let it flow through me, trusting that I’m being led in the right direction, that I’m on the right path.

So today, I decided to trust and I clicked the link for Eagle Brook Church. The music that burst forth filled my heart—it spoke to me, and it brought me to tears. As I listened to the music and the short church service, I became acutely aware of my lack of trust, of my inability to trust. I sobbed. Then I came to this page to write. I needed to share what I learned.

Now, I feel peaceful—I feel calm, and even though I’m nervous, I’m willing to continue to trust—to step outside my comfort zone, and to see where it leads me.

Interestingly, a couple of weeks ago I had made a list of things I wanted in 2024 and one of them was to accept God into my life and accept that he is real.

The power of intention is real. Today is the first day of the new year, and I have already had two opportunities—one, to welcome God into my life, and two, to trust.

And, after days and days of doubting myself, wondering where my life was heading next, and thinking so hard and trying to figure it all out, I have some answers.

All I need to do is trust.

As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

With love,

Kathryn x


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