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3 Strategies for Easier Decision Making

You've likely heard the term analysis paralysis. This is when you overthink a situation to the point of being unable to make a decision. You get stuck in a repetitive and frustrating thought loop that keeps you stuck. Sound familiar?

There many decisions that only you can make. It's the same for everyone. To free your thinking, follow these three simple strategies.


You may be operating from old limiting beliefs you are not consciously aware of. When this happens, it's impossible to find a way forward. Here's an example. When I started my paint company, I thought nobody would come to my workshops. This was a fear-based belief because I was doing something new. Once I advertised, people signed up and over a period of three years I had over 1,000 students attend my classes.

Ask yourself: What am I afraid of?


Sometimes there are other factors at play. Maybe you want to quit your job to follow another career path, but you're afraid. You could be subconsciously blaming your partner, friends or family because they keep telling you what a great job you have. You might have a big mortgage, but would love to downsize to follow a dream and you've not found the courage to have that conversation with your partner. It could even be that you're blaming yourself.

Ask yourself: Who or what am I blaming for the situation I am in?


Being honest with yourself will help you to move ahead. Understanding your limiting beliefs, and thought patterns creates clarity. You will then see that you have a choice. You can stay in your old programming or you can take action. At this point, you may wish to work with a mentor, coach, counsellor or healer to help you work it through.

Ask yourself: What do I need to release so I can take action?

When you apply these three simple strategies, you'll gain the confidence to make quicker, easier and better decisions. Which strategy resonates with you the most?

With love,

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