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3 Things That Are Helping Me Lose Weight

I'm on a weight loss journey, again. It feels like it's been a lifelong journey, and in one way, shape, or form, it has. Each time, however, I learn a little bit more. I learn more about myself, my body and what really works for me.

The biggest thing I'm learning this time around is to trust myself.

Yesterday, I chose peanut butter toast for breakfast over muesli, fruit and yoghurt, and I chose ice cream and chocolate over nuts and fruit, but that's okay.

It was an emotional day as I remembered my brother on his birthday, and I tend to comfort myself with food. I know that. I've always known that, but what I have also always done is try to resist, push away, or deny that part of myself.

Does it help to eat those foods? Yes, at the time it feels like it does.

Is it the best thing for my health? No, but if I get myself back on track the next day, little harm is done.

As I said earlier, I'm learning to trust myself to have these small diversions, overeats, or whatever you want to call them, knowing that the sooner I get back on track the better. I also know that allowing myself to have so-called bad foods, means I do not crave or binge on them.

Today I wanted to share three things that are working really well for me this time around:

  1. An accountability partner. A little over two years ago I met a wonderful woman in an international Facebook group focused on losing weight. We struck up a conversation and discovered we were both from New Zealand. At the time I was keen on having an accountability buddy to help with my weight loss journey, so I asked her if she was keen. She was, and so we began. It was earlier in 2021 that we decided we both wanted to lose a bit of the weight we'd each gained so we decided to report in each day with our weight, exercise and anything else we felt we wanted to.

  2. Weighing myself every day. For many years I remember hearing messages that daily weighing was a not a good idea, and of course I listened to that. This may be true for some people, however what I have discovered is that it works really, really well for me. By weighing myself each morning I remain aware of any slight upward trend and can quickly put a stop to my weight going up further.

  3. Allowing myself to have daily treats. By planning a treat each day I find that I no longer want to binge on such things as much as I used to. Each morning I have two or three pieces of Whittakers 92% chocolate with a cup of decaf coffee. This particular chocolate is a little sweeter than some dark ones, which I enjoy. What I also do, is plan other treats throughout my week - it might be my favourite carrot cake at Cafe 88 at the Mount, or a donut from the bakery

So, as I continue this journey of weight loss and to better health, I'm learning all the time. This for me is where the enjoyment of such a process is. I find it fascinating to discover not only how my body reacts to certain foods and the amounts of them, but how my mind and soul does too.

Life really is a wonderful learning experience for us all.

With love,

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