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5 Awesome Benefits of Finding a Buddy

You know that feeling when someone really gets you? When you feel so totally understood and supported. Isn't it just the best?

That is what finding a buddy can do for you, and it's just one of the awesome benefits.

Back in around 2016, I'd just started my furniture paint company, Upcycled & Co. and I was floundering. I was struggling to bring the brand to life and get it out into the market. Until one day, when I had an idea.

At that time, hanging out in business Facebook groups was something I did because there was so much I needed to learn, and they were fantastic resources. If you're new to business, I highly recommend them. Scrolling through posts, I began to wonder—what would it be like to have a business buddy?

Me being me, someone with loads of ideas, and never slow to implement them, I posted in the group asking if anyone wanted a business buddy—someone to bounce ideas off, to provide support, and to talk about challenges, goals, and wins with on a weekly basis at a regular time. Being very clear about it being a regular thing was important to me and I wanted someone who was going to commit too.

Before long, a woman commented that she was keen. We messaged each other to find out more and within the hour, agreed to meet each week on a Monday morning at 8.00 am to discuss wins, goals, and challenges. It worked a treat. We were both able to share what was on our minds, celebrate our successes, and offer support in both practical and emotional ways.

Fast forward two years and I was part of a weight loss group based in the US. So, I did the same thing. It's now four and half years later and we still message each other most days with our weight and the exercise we've done. We share recipes and tips too.

In late 2022 I got my third buddy—a wonderful woman who was my Author Marketing Coach. We really connected and I just loved the way she worked, and her spark and enthusiasm for life. Taking the plunge some months after my coaching finished, I asked her if she wanted to be business buddies. She did. In fact, she was delighted and we've been meeting once a week since and messaging throughout the week.

With all of that said, here are those five benefits:

1. You feel understood. This is probably the biggest benefit for me. Over the years, whether it's been a friend, colleague, follower, or buddy, feeling understood is a seemingly small thing that changes everything.

2. You can focus on what's important. Whatever you're wanting to improve on—weight loss, business, personal development, or something completely different, a buddy helps you focus on your path and what you need to do to succeed.

3. You gain traction much faster. When you're bouncing ideas, thoughts, and feelings off someone else, you get to see things in a very different light. Sometimes merely speaking the words enables you to have an 'a ha' moment that is lie-altering.

4. You feel a sense of accomplishment. Never in million years did I think I'd be able to lose 15 kilograms of body fat and keep it off for five years. This was something I'd not been able to achieve ever. My weight loss buddy and I both acknowledge regularly how beneficial our relationship is for our ongoing success and weight loss maintenance.

5. You get support. We all need encouragement and that is what you get with a buddy. When you're not doing so well, feeling uninspired, or unmotivated, your buddy is there to talk things through with.

Next time you're working on a goal and want support, I urge you to seriously consider finding yourself a buddy. And, let me know how it works out for you.

With love,


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