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5 Benefits of Finding a Hobby You Love

Working as much as we do these days is not what we were designed to do. When we take time out, our mind, body and soul benefits. With the change of focus and the pleasure that comes from the enjoyment of doing something we love, we are recharged.

​It's a well-known fact that working too hard is not good for us. Having been in burnt out more than once, I know this only too well. The act of consistently nourishing ourselves is what keeps the balance.

Whether you're an avid reader, love fishing, knitting or sewing, I'm pretty sure I can guarantee that when you engage in that passion, you lose yourself. I'd be fairly safe to say that you often forget to eat or what time it is. This is the sure sign you're doing the thing you love.

Here are five ways you will benefit from throwing yourself into a hobby:

1. You experience life in a new way. Getting a new perspective on life is always a good thing. If we are open to learning from our experiences, we have an opportunity to grow.

2. Your mind has time to rest. Being focused on work, be it your job, business or work around the home, can all become a bit too much. We need a rest from constantly attending to our to do list.

3. You have something new to talk about. Bringing our passions into our family life makes for richer conversations and connections. When we allow ourselves to engage in what we truly love to spend our time doing, we are actively filling our own cup.

4. You learn new skills. With a hobby we are usually learning something and often it's a new skill. If we stick with it, we have the delightful challenge of taking it to another level giving a sense of accomplishment.

5. You meet new people. Taking a class, joining a sports team or club will have you mixing with an entirely new group of people. Connecting with like-minded people is always enjoyable as you will have much to talk about.

From my experience, hobbies have given me the opportunity to be creative, and gain knowledge in so many ways. Over the years I've been in a gardening club, photography club, a local women's group, walking groups, badminton clubs, and one-off workshops and classes of interest.

If you already have a hobby, I'd love to hear about it. If not, I challenge you to start one.

With love,


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