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A Journey to Experiencing Authentic Gratitude Daily

It's all very well to create a gratitude list and say that we are grateful, but to really feel it fully, in our mind, body and soul, is a completely different experience.

To randomly throughout my day have the words, 'I'm so grateful for my husband' or 'I am so appreciative of my clients' or 'I'm grateful for waking up this morning to experience another day of this amazing thing called life', come into my mind is beautiful and a precious experience.

These days, I'm experiencing this more and more, and I know it's the result of doing deep inner work.

This is not to publicly 'pat myself on the back', but to communicate that this happens when we acknowledge, go into, and fully process the feelings we'd rather avoid.

Every human being has the potential to feel authentic gratitude and pure joy.

If you've got something you're holding onto from the past or emotions you've been suppressing, you may like to consider starting to slowly and gently focus on them.

If you’d love to connect, I’d be honoured. You can book a session from as little as US$30 (NZ$50), take my online course, or read my book, Flourish.

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With love,

Kathryn x


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