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Autumn (Fall): A Time to Let Go

In parallel with mother nature, who at this time of year releases its summer growth, we too can take this opportunity to do the same. Reflecting on the previous season, and year, to identify what we need to consciously let go.

A thought-provoking concept I've come across recently talks about being in parallel with the seasons. It's not something I have been consciously aware of before, except for the fact that I definitely do slow down come winter. The more I have examined this idea though, the more sense it makes. Actively thinking about the past year and all it has encompassed is a huge task in itself. When I look back over my year, I remember our wonderful holidays, to Queenstown last winter, a restful time at home over the Christmas and New Year period, our summer break at Whangamata and a number of trips to the Hawke's Bay. But I'm also reminded of the sorrow I felt at losing my dear brother Paul to brain cancer, the gut-wrenching deep, deep sadness I expressed so often. The last year was a time of extreme fatigue and often, a low mood. On the contrary, it was a time when my business sales grew by 105%, and I outsourced 90% of the functions to now enjoy only working 5-7 hours each week in that business. It was a year when I celebrated a close friend coming through cancer treatment, and another experiencing a number of sorrows in her family. It was a year of contrast, like every year is for all of us, but with fresh grief it was even more so. It was the year I took on new voluntary work I'd been wanting to do for many decades, something I'm finding both rewarding and fulfilling. And, it was a year of writing my first book, a dream I have had since my 20s. As I write this blog post, I realise that there is not too much I want to let go of from the past year. Unlike other years when there have been, I'm good with where I'm at right now. Working with a Health Coach over the last couple of months, I've seen my anxiety, fatigue and many other physical symptoms disappear and I'm feeling better physically and emotionally than I have in years. There are some things I need to move on from though. Being someone who has been to Psychotherapy and Counselling numerous times over the years, I do want to let go of always thinking the way I'm feeling is due to something emotional. Whilst often it can be, in my recent work with my Health Coach, I've realised that things like anxiety, depression and other symptoms can sometimes be caused by vitamin and mineral deficiencies. And because of this, my new commitment to myself is to always get bloods that will show me whether my system is depleted in any way, if I have prolonged bouts of symptoms. Letting go of making more money over allowing myself to move in the direction I really, really want to go in, is something else I'm releasing. Each and every day, my life is getting shorter, not longer. And, if I don't do what I've wanted for most of my life, I will regret it. One of the regrets Bronnie Ware writes about in her book The Top 5 Regrets of the Dying is this: I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me. This is not a regret I want to have at the end of my life. This has been such an interesting exercise to go through, you may want to try it. Simply ask yourself: What do I want to let go of? As we move into the time of year when we slow down, are indoors more and eat warm foods, it's comforting to consciously reflect on the year that has been. ​With love,

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