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Ditch the Guilt: Self-Care in Action

Putting yourself first is perfectly okay.

Over the last few months during the time we’ve been redecorating our rental property there have been a number of times when I’ve needed to put myself first.

At times I felt over it.

At times I felt tired.

And, at times, I've just needed space.

So, at those times, I took myself off for a walk, coffee and cake, wrote a few blog posts, did a short yoga session or tucked myself up in bed with YouTube.

All of those things gave me the time out I needed.

Did I feel guilty sometimes? Hell, yes!

As my husband worked away tirelessly, I certainly felt pangs of guilt, and a good few of them. But, we both know I don’t have the same energy and stamina he has. I need my space too.

He kindly and lovingly supports my needs, which makes it a lot easier.

I know too well the consequences of not listening to my own needs and putting myself first. In the past this has led to burnout and extreme anxiety, and I’m quite simply not going there again.

When my gut is whispering, ‘why are you doing this’ or ‘can we just rest for a bit’, I listen.

What does your gut say when you need to put yourself first?

With love,

Kathryn x


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