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Exploring the Unseen Self: A Journey to Connect with My Shadow

What I'm learning this week is to embrace my shadow.

You may be asking yourself: What is a shadow?

In terms of self-awareness, our shadow self is the part that we keep hidden, the part we don't want others to see.

The psychoanalyst Carl Jung first developed the concept. Jung used the term 'shadow self' to describe the things people repress or do not like to acknowledge. He theorized that it is a counterweight to the persona, which is the self that people present to others. [From Wikipedia]

Until we acknowledge and embrace all of who we are, we cannot be our true selves.

This is shadow work. The work of connecting with our unconscious mind to discover the parts we do not want to be seen.

For me, there are many parts—the part that sometimes is very untidy, says f*** out of frustration, gets jealous of others, has FOMO, is impatient, and fearful…

When I honestly 'hold' these parts in front of me, I feel relieved.

When I share these parts of me here, I feel relieved. And if I’m 100% honest, afraid of what others will think.

I don't want to be one of those people who on social media only display one aspect of themselves.

I am human.

I am perfectly flawed.

Are you prepared to do your shadow work? What do you think you might find?

With love,

Kathryn x


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