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Find Your Purpose Follow Your Heart

Finding my voice has been one of my biggest life lessons.

Finding the courage to share that voice with the world has been another.

If you've got a small voice within that is prompting you to do something... please listen to it... please do the work to find the courage.

I talk about this in my upcoming book, Flourish (due out later in 2022).

I'm sharing a collection of stories and lessons learned from my 35 year personal development journey, the one I started back in 1987 and made a lifelong commitment to in 1989.

I waited too long.

I doubted myself too much.

Now that I'm doing this work...

I have more joy in my heart than I ever have.

I have more motivation for work than I ever have.

I have more personal alignment than I ever have.

I am living my purpose.

If you have something you want to do... please do it!

With love,


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