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Finding a Remedy & Keeping it Natural

During stressful times there are many natural ​products that can help bring a sense of peace and calm to your life. You may or may not know that I'm not one to take prescription medicines unless I really have to, so I'm always researching and testing to find what works. In this day and age we have so much information literally at our finger tips, it's easy to access what we need. Always remember to research the contraindications, side effects and recommended doses of any supplements.

Some natural supplements should not be taken together, and some prescription medicines contraindicate with some natural remedies. Always check with your doctor and natural health consultant. What is a contraindication? From Wikipedia, a contraindication is a condition or factor that serves as a reason to withhold a certain medical treatment due to the harm that it would cause the patient. Here's what I'm taking at the moment during a particularly stressful time (I do not take any prescription medicines therefore it is quite safe for me to take all of these). Thompson's St John's Wort - Helps the body to maintain normal mood in times of stress and worry. - Assists the body’s natural ability to cope with stress. - Supports restful sleep. Go Stress Remedy (L-Theanine) - Supports good mood and relaxation. - Calming. Rescue Remedy (Bach Flowers) - Comforting and reassuring when shocked, anguished, upset, fearful, unable to cope. - In a spray format placed under the tongue. - For use as and when required. Solgars Magnesium Citrate - Muscle relaxation, sleep, nervous system support, normal bowel function and cardiovascular health. - Physically active people, those who have physical or emotional tension, or are stressed may benefit from extra Magnesium. Good Health Energy & Vitality (Adrenal Support) - Feel recharged and in control. - Supports physical and mental performance. - Manages stress and nervous tension. - Supports energy and vitality. Always consult with your healthcare professional before taking any medication or supplements. ​ All of my supplements come from HealthPost online. With extra-speedy delivery and brilliant customer service, you can't beat them. And that's without the amazing prices!

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