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For the Love of Coffee

What is it about coffee that has so many of us seduced into a love affair with it? The aroma. The taste. The associations. What is it?

Maybe it's the connection with family or friends. Maybe it's a reminder of days gone by in the office with colleagues. Maybe it's none of that. I'm curious though.

For several years now I haven't been able to drink coffee. It was the years leading up to menopause that I really started to have issues. I'd experience a very strong reaction to only one cup - sweats, palpitations, anxiety, and at times headaches. Sometimes I'd be okay for a number of weeks, then it was almost like the caffeine would build up in my system and boom, the adverse effects were back. I'd then take a break, and try again with the exact same pattern repeating itself. It was strange.

Then I began to have the symptoms anytime I drank a cup of coffee - just one small cup and it was all on. It was frustrating.

At that time I did a whole lot of research about it and nowhere could I find anything that talked about it accumulating in the body, so that was a myth I had to dismiss. What I did find though was a great deal of support for the fact that it wasn't good for a nervous system that was already under stress, and that I had. On top of that, menopause brought with it a variety of food sensitivities too.

Deducing that there wasn't a whole lot I could do about my caffeine predicament other than stay away from the stuff, I reluctantly drank herbal teas for a number of years. Some were enjoyable, some were downright awful. But, all the while I was hankering to once again be a coffee drinker.

In recent weeks I started to notice that my menopausal symptoms were easing - I am no longer feeling anxious, my night sweats have diminished greatly, my headaches are gone, my palpitations are mostly non-existent and my mood is way more stable than it's been in years. Well, hallelujah and praise the Lord, thank you to the Universe, angels, guides and the whole damn lot. It's been a long road.

The good news is I'm now drinking coffee again. And, it's going down a treat.

I've found a Robert Harris coffee capsule (I wouldn't normally choose this brand) that seems to be mild enough to give me the taste, smell, and pure coffee enjoyment I've been longing for. Even though these capsules are described as intense in strength, when made in a large mug with plenty of additional boiling water, they're not over-the-top at all.

Now this is going to sound absolutely ridiculous, but I so look forward to my morning coffee. As I sit and write my morning pages, blog or journal, I sip away at my cup with delight.

I'm once again a coffee-drinker.

It's the small things, right?

With love,


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Nov 17, 2021

There really is something about coffee! I never drank it until the last few years and now it’s a comfort thing.. a nice way to ease into the day.

Jun 04, 2022
Replying to

That's wonderful that you have found it to be a comforting and enjoyable way to start your day. Long may that continue.


Nov 08, 2021

So happy you're able to drink coffee again! I ha to give up yeast for awhile, and that was a lesson in just how many things yeast! I know how good it is to be able to enjoy something again :)

Kathryn Price
Kathryn Price
Nov 10, 2021
Replying to

Thank you so much. Oh I feel for you, it is much harder than I expected to have to give up foods we love. I'm glad you're able to enjoy yeast again too. 😀

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