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Getting Back On Track

Getting back on track can be really, really hard. If you're like me, you get it. You really do. Sailing along for months at a time gaining a bit more and a bit more. Knowing this but at the same time telling myself I'm okay because regardless of how much weight I've regained, I've still lost 10kg (but not the 15kg I had lost). And slowly but surely that 2kg gained turns to 3kg, 4kg and 5kg, then to nearly 6! This is when it has to stop.

Roughly two weeks ago I was lucky enough to have my weight loss buddy spur me into getting motivated once again. We met last winter in an overseas weight loss group and have been pen pals ever since, which is really lovely. We've gotten to know each other and share our ups and downs of life, and of course, our weight loss journeys. On the Friday morning I started off with a hiss and a roar. I'd written my food and exercise plan for the day, I had the food I needed and I was ready. After a brilliant first week, I'd lost 1.1kg and I was feeling very proud of myself. Of course, I was well aware that this would have been mostly water weight, but it was weight gone from my body and I was happy. And then the stumbling block came. The following Friday, Craig and I headed off on a road trip to Wellington for a friend's wedding, and then to take the rest of the week coming back up through Taranaki. Usually when we go on holiday, particularly these last few years, I don't gain weight because I am careful, and we walk a lot wherever we go. This time was different. Yes, we did a lot of walking, but I wasn't so careful. Sadly, I came home to a gain of 800 grams, but I still have the loss of 300 gram loss so it's not all bad news. Now I'm back to following what I know works for me:

  • Make a food and exercise plan for each day.

  • No alcohol.

  • Limited caffeine.

  • No processed foods.

  • Plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables.

  • Water.

  • Walking

  • Eating only when I'm hungry and stopping when I'm satisfied.

I know that if I follow the formula that works for me, I will lose more weight. Right now, I won't say it's easy, I'd rather eat cake to be honest, but that won't help me to be healthy as I age. This week has been emotionally challenging with an anniversary that has evoked sadness, but overeating will not make that any better. What will help is acknowledging and processing those feelings; that is the only thing that will make the feelings go away, feeling them through to the other side. For me, it's mostly sadness, and at times, frustration that has me wanting to overeat. What is it for you? I'd love to know. Tell me in the comments. Until next time,​



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