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Going Within to Come Full Circle

I always find it so interesting when I allow all my thoughts and feelings to flow... even the ones that scare me. The ones that leave me thinking... where did that come from, and... like, what the?!

Years ago I didn't allow myself to go into those feelings because I was afraid that they may lead me somewhere I didn't want to go or somewhere that didn't align with what I thought I should do.

What I've learned though is this. When I allow all of my thoughts and feelings to surface, no matter how crazy they may seem, I always come back to a place of equilibrium.

In particular, when I go into them fully and explore all of the options in my mind, body, and soul, rather than just skimming the surface, I tend to come full circle.

A beautiful conversation ensued this morning with a friend, a gentle and wise soul I was fortunate to meet just a few months ago. I realised I had been feeling the pressure of building this new business and that at times it feels lonely and hard. In our chat, she shared with me the words 'with ease and grace' and I instantly felt relaxed and could see how replacing 'lonely and hard' with 'ease and grace' made a huge difference. The process I've been through this past week or so has taken me into everything I have been feeling. In my mind, I explored options I would never have thought of a month ago. Whilst going through this period of introspection, I felt afraid, embarrassed, and small, but it was all necessary.

Now, I feel like I've come full circle. And with a new set of eyes, and new words, I view this all in a completely new way.

What do you notice when you allow yourself to go within and feel it all?

With love, Kathryn x


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