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How An Email List Brings Consistent Monthly Sales

When I started in business this time around back in 2013 I had no idea what an email list even was, let alone what it could do for me. If you're the same, don't worry—the most important thing is that you get started today.

It wasn't until I started my furniture paint company, Upcycled & Co. in 2016 that I began to see the power of having an email list.

Through consistently building my email list I was able to build that business to beyond six figures within just 18 months. And from there, it grew and grew.

Email marketing is powerful.

By consistently building my email list over a number of years I now have close to 10,000 subscribers. Promoting my products and services to my subscribers every month brings in consistent sales. Every. Single. Month.

Back in March 2020 right before we went into COVID-19 lockdown (literally the night before), at 6.00 pm I sent an email to my list entitled 'Last Chance to Buy Paint Prior to Lockdown'. My thinking was that maybe I'd sell a few hundred dollars worth of paint, and it would give my customers an opportunity to do some projects during this time. Between 6.00 pm and midnight, I had sold $6,000 worth of furniture paint. It was unbelievable. I was gob-smacked.

What is an email list? It's a database of people's names and email addresses you collect via an opt-in on your website that you then promote your products and services to.

What is an opt-in? An opt-in is a high-value free offering you give to those who sign up on your website. It could be a guide, a short e-book, a mini training video, a coaching tool, or something else your audience wants.

How do I get people to sign up? You have an opt-in form on your website on a number of pages where viewers can add their name and email address. You can also add a pop-up to your home page and about page that prompts people to sign up. A banner on pages works well too. On this site I have a banner at the top of my homepage to download the first chapter of my book for free.

When they sign up how do they get the freebie? This is automated so they are redirected to a video page on your website or an automatic email is sent with the video or download or whatever your offer is.

What do I make for my freebie? Think about your audience and what they would find valuable. Then, decide how you can easily create this for them. Is making a video or creating a workbook easier for you? Choose the way that is quickest and easiest for you to produce.

How do people know I have a freebie? You talk about it on social media regularly with posts, reels, and paid ads if you have the budget. In early 2023 I ran an opt-in ad for my paint company to build my list more at a cost of .93 cents per subscriber.

How do I make sales from my email list? You keep in touch with them. You send them valuable and inspiring information, blog posts, and offers.

How do I create an email list? Most website platforms have an email marketing option or you can use one of the many email marketing services. Right now I use MailerLite but have used MailChimp in the past and there are many others.

Keep it simple. Create a freebie you can do without too much complexity, then create an opt-in, get it on your website, and start talking about it. When you can, use paid ads to drive even more traffic to your opt-in. When you have an email list, start providing value to your subscribers, and promoting your products and services.

Let me know how you go.

With love,

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