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How Different Carbohydrates Affect My Mind

We all know what simple carbohydrates (cakes, donuts, lollies, sugary drinks, biscuits, chocolate and some breakfast cereals) do in our body, but what do they do to our mind. As a quick reminder, in the body they produce a spike in blood glucose giving a short burst of energy, then soon after plummeting energy levels. This explains that lethargic feeling we get following a meal or snack that contains refined sugar.

If I go through a period of time whereby I slip back into old habits, I quickly become carb addicted once again, within a few days. This I find fascinating and it's the same every single time. After a few days of eating simple carbohydrates, I feel sluggish and bloated and I want more and more of them. What I also find though is that my thought processes start to change as well. With a history of depression in my distant past, I know only to well what that feels like. Those feelings of worthlessness, of dread and of hopelessness were all I knew for many years. And, when I eat sugar, my mood drops and some of those old familiar feelings creep back into my head. What goes around in my head are thoughts like... I'm never going to lose weight again... I can't do this... I can't get this weight off... which of course are totally untrue. When I eat complex carbohydrates, like fruits, vegetables, nuts, yoghurt, legumes and seeds (I don't eat grains for other reasons) though, I feel totally different. My energy levels are constant, and my mind is clear and my thinking remains positive. Keeping it simple is what I find easiest. I'm pretty okay with eating the same foods all the time but I do make sure I have the ones I really like. Here's a run down of what I eat: ​Breakfast - Homemade Gluten Free Muesli and Raglan Coconut Yoghurt (Greek Style or Vanilla Bean) ​Snack - Two Cocao & Peanut Butter Balls or a handful nuts (walnuts, brazil nuts or cashews) Lunch - Chicken, Salmon or Egg Salad or Coleslaw with nuts and mayo and an apple Snack - Apple and a few walnuts Dinner - Protein (fish or chicken) with coleslaw, salad or steamed vegetables with mayo Snack - Mango, raspberries or other fruit (frozen or fresh) All in all, I eat a pretty healthy diet most of the time, and I find this way of eating (above) suits me best. I've tried Keto and all kinds of other ways, but I feel great when I eat these foods, and as long as I don't overeat, I can manage my weight well. What I find it fascinating though is that food can make such a massive difference to my body in so many ways. What connection have you found between certain foods and your thinking and energy levels? I'd love to hear. Until next time,


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