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How Making a Life List Can Change Everything

With more available time now that I've outsourced more of my business, I've started thinking about things I've wanted to do for a very long time. But rather than just thinking about them, I went through a process to create a Life List.

When I was taking a break over the 2020/21 Christmas and New Year period I decided to spend a little time thinking about what next business wise. But it was during this time that I got thinking about a whole lot more than work. Like many of you, I'd had many things on my mental list that I wanted to do one day - learn to play the piano, have a scruffy little dog, run my own business, have the freedom to work when and where I wanted to, go hiking and a whole lot more. Having focused on what I really wanted more than once in my life, I'd previously created vision boards from time to time which were so incredibly profound. It was on one such board about five or six years ago that I put a scruffy little dog. Then about four years later I met two Border Terriers in Auckland at a cafe and fell in love with the breed. About eight months went by and I started to pursue the possibility of rehoming an adult dog. After posting in Facebook group someone came forward and to cut a long story short, we now have our gorgeous wee boy Sid, a six year old Border Terrier. Anyway, I digress. So during the end of year holiday break of 2020/21 I made a Life List. Here's what I did: 1. Took a sheet of A4 paper and drew a grid of eight segments. 2. Labelled each segment with one life area - e.g. work, relationship, family, friends, finances, community, health & fitness, leisure. 3. For each area of my life I thought carefully about what I'd always wanted to do and made a note of it on the grid. 4. Next I made a full list of what I wanted to achieve in 2021. 5. This list is now at the front of my Google Doc I use for my 2021 Journal where I can see it each time I add an entry. Already I have made some progress with taking time out for myself this year, focusing on my health and fitness by engaging a Holistic Health Coach, watching sunsets and sunrises, walking more, starting some volunteer work and abstract painting. It feels good to have the focus on a list, and to be really conscious about what I want to not only achieve but actually do for myself and others. So, if you fancy making a Life List, let me know how it goes. Until next time,


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