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How to Create Simple Flexible Rituals

All human beings live by rituals. To name a few, there's your daily shower, meals and work routine. These regular activities provide us with stability that grounds us. You can add other routines too, to specifically target personal or professional growth.

When it comes to creating additional rituals, you may want to have some flexibility. Being too rigid with these practices may result in pressure you don't need. With a busy work schedule and home life, you may not want yet another set of parameters you have to

adhere to.

You get to decide how your life is shaped and works. Give yourself this choice with your rituals too. There are no rules when it comes to living. The important thing is to do what works for you. There is nothing that says you have to do these daily or three times a week.


Think about what you really love to do. Maybe you love tuning into your body through yoga or meditation or both. You may prefer an exercise class or walking. Perhaps mindful breathing is your thing. You might enjoy journaling, checking in with yourself emotionally or using mantras. Make a list or mental note of what resonates.


When you're in tune with your body, you will instinctively know the right time. If this concept is new to you, start noticing how your body feels at different times of the day. Your body will soon start letting you know what it needs when. Here's an example. One of my favourite rituals is mindful breathing because it brings me peace. This is something I do when I'm stressed or busy, or totally randomly when it comes to me. Some days I do it many times, others, once and some not at all.

There are numerous ways you can incorporate rituals into your day - a few stretches at your desk, in your car or in a waiting room (neck, chest and shoulders are great ones). Take the stairs instead of the elevator at times when you feel inspired. A few minutes to journal thoughts or feelings makes for some light relief too. Whatever you choose, try allowing the ebb and flow of your rhythm to guide you to what your body needs.

How do you think you will incorporate rituals into your day?

With love,


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