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How to Manage Feeling Out of Control

In recent months, with the build-up to launching my book, my anxiety had started to increase again with the massive workload and everything new that I had to learn.

I'd written the book, that was the easy part for me, but there were what felt like five million other processes I needed to get my head around in order to actually publish it.

What I hadn't realised however was this.

The reason I was feeling anxious was because I was actually feeling out of control. I have never been through this process before and once I realised what was going on, it made perfect sense.

As soon as I stopped to recognise what I was feeling, acknowledge it, process it, and create a new strategy, my anxiety dissipated. Here's what I did:

1. Listened. The first step was to stop and listen to the whispers of my soul that were saying, I'm afraid, how on earth am I going to get all of this done.

2. Acknowledged. Once I could hear what was really going on for me, I acknowledged how I was feeling and told myself it was okay, and that I was not a failure for feeling this way.

3. Processed. Next, I processed the feelings by feeling them fully. I dared to go into the scary place in my mind of never getting the book published, and of it all going wrong, until I understood them.

4. Reframed. It was time to reframe my thinking, and to create a new strategy that meant I would get through this successfully and without feeling anxious. I put aside some things that were not necessary at that time which took some pressure off.

5. Released. Then, and only then, could I feel a sense of release and relief. My anxiety was gone.

By going through this process I was able to come to understand why I was feeling this way. Then, and only then, could I create a new story in my mind, and a new path.

I'd love to hear your experiences with overload and anxiety.

With love,


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