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How to Manage Post Decision Making Jitters

After you've made a decision, do you go into a panic? If so, you're normal.

Often our inner default settings take us back to our old negative self-talk. This is when we need to be vigilant by reminding ourselves about why we made the choice we did.

In a previous post I talked about the 3 Strategies for Easier Decision Making so it's now time to use what you discovered then to support where you are now. You thought this through thoroughly, and you learnt about what had been stopping you. Now, let's jump back into that to give you more comfort.


Recall what it was that you were afraid. Remind yourself that this in fact was not the truth, but something you made up, consciously or sub-consciously, to support staying stuck. Know that you made your decision from a place of deep contemplation weighing up the pros and cons and that you made the right choice.


Be present with all of your emotions through the process. You will feel a wide range of emotions - maybe joy, sadness, excitement, exhilaration, grief, regret, happiness and everything in between.


Get quiet and centre yourself. Make the time to do this 3-Minute Meditation throughout your day when you feel the need. Connect with the part of you that made the decision, the strong knowing part. As you quiet down feel a sense of calm come over you and radiate through your body and soul. All is well.


Record your thoughts and feelings in your journal. It will help you process them all and in years to come you'll have it to reflect on too.

Follow through with your plans knowing you've got this and that your decision comes from a solid place within yourself.

With love,


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