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Learning From Life: Finding Lessons Every Day

I’m a great believer that the Universe guides us to the lessons we need most. And, that if we look carefully we will find them. Taking notice of the words others use, the things we see, and our response to these, is where those lessons lie.

Over the last year, particularly since turning 59 in September, I’ve focused on my ageing body—particularly the saggy skin on my arms and legs. It’s been bugging me and I’ve been telling myself I’m getting old and resisting the process rather than embracing it.

What I’ve been able to do at times is remind myself that I need to be grateful that I have arms and legs that function, and that I’m healthy. In a store last month I got the message loud and clear.

The assistant and I were chatting away about ageing, she about menopause and me about my saggy skin. She then shared that her husband is a hospice nurse and every day he has patients that would give anything to go through menopause or have saggy skin—they just want more time with their children, grandchildren or loved ones. If she starts to complain, he gently reminds her of his patients.

This. Was. Sobering.

Since that day, this keeps coming back to me, especially when I’m looking at the saggy skin on my arms and wishing it was different. Now I say to myself, “Boy am I lucky to be healthy and happy”.

It’s all about perspective.

At times I find it’s easy to get into a negative mindset about what I perceive to be wrong with my mind, body or soul, but when I get a jolt like this one, I quickly come back to reality.

Life always shows us what we need to learn. If we listen that is.

With love,

Kathryn x


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