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Learning to Make the Most of My Surges of Creativity

I'm really not sure if this is true for all creatives, but I know it is for me. It's taken me a long time to realise that my creativity comes in surges, and what I'm learning right now, is to ride those waves.

Taking the time this past year to become more in tune with my mind, body and soul has opened up a whole new world of creativity, and it's been wonderful.

A pattern that's emerging is a cyclic one and I'm studying it more closely now that I've become aware of it. With each surge comes a blast of expression in one creative form or another, that then settles down whilst another arises. Let me explain this more.

In recent months I have started slow stitching and clothing upcycling and I'm loving it. But, what I notice is that I spend a few evenings doing some or an afternoon or day, then I'm not really that interested for the next few days. It's seems to be the same with my writing. I can go a week or some weeks (as it has been this time) between writing blog posts, then at other times (like now), I write numerous posts (eight this time) in a couple of days. When I'm in the groove with something, the impetus to continue is self-perpetuating. In that moment when I'm doing it a fire ignites within me and I just keep going.

What I'm realising now is that my focus is to make the most of these surges in order to be as productive as I can be whilst I'm in them. But equally, recognising when the surge starts to die down, that it's time to move on to something else. The beauty of having a number of creative pursuits is that I can do what I'm drawn to at any given point in time.

The other thing that I'm being mindful of, is continuing with my creativity because there have been long periods of time in my life where I've not allowed myself to be creative. I'd been too busy building a business or working a corporate job and had over-given in those areas, leaving little energy for the things I enjoy. Now more than ever before, I realise the importance of living a balanced life.

If you've had a similar experience with creative surges, I'd love to hear how you manage them.

With love,

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