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Let Your Vibration Go Where It Needs To

I don't believe in keeping my vibration high.

What works for me is letting my vibration go where it needs to go.

For the last two weeks my mood and energy have been low, something that many years ago I previously would have avoided at all costs. By shopping, eating, watching television, cleaning or gardening like a crazy woman, getting angry or frustrated with my mood and self.

Using anything not to feel.

Not now.

The unfolding of this time has been quite miraculous.

Making the decision to be where I was, and to go with my gut helped me to know that I wanted to continue to speak my truth and to communicate it here. What that did was provide me with some of the most wonderful, authentic connections I've had on this platform to date on this account. And some truly amazing in-person connections that came from that.

I am so grateful.

I am grateful for my low mood; it had me go within. I am grateful for my low energy; it had me be still. I am grateful for my intuition; it showed me where to go.

Trusting this process is gold.

This is how I love myself more. By allowing myself to be exactly where I am, rather than forcing things.

I'd love to hear your experiences of going through your emotions.

With love,

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