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Listening to The Quiet Whisper Within

It seems that the more I listen to the quiet voice within me, the more on point my decisions become. Interesting isn't it? And, to be honest, hardly surprising. Many of us, me included, run from one task to the next without checking in to see what's going on inside.

After starting a weekly, and now daily, mindfulness practice some months ago, I have noticed that I'm now more able to recognise my quiet inner whispers. It's the voice that today says, you need to rest and then play; go do something creative and fun.

Having lived all of my life telling myself what I should do and ought to do, it's not easy to really listen to what I need from moment to moment. But this is something I'm committed to changing.

When I listen to myself, and give myself what I need, I feel loved and appreciated for who I am. What I then find, is that I have the energy and motivation for the task I was trying to push myself into doing.

Yes, we all have demands on us. I get that it's not always possible to put our needs first. But what we can do is honour who we are by beginning to listen to what we need, and giving that to ourselves when we can. Whether it's a soak in the bath in the evening after work, a walk and sunrise or sunset, reading a book, drawing, painting or another creative outlet, we all need to feed our soul.

Right now, I'm off out into my studio to paint. I've just taken up abstract painting and whilst I'm currently crap at it, I love it and it brings me great joy.

Question: What do you do to feed your soul? Tell me in the comments below, I'd love to know what works for you.

With love,


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Nov 08, 2021

I need to listen more

Kathryn Price
Kathryn Price
Aug 30, 2022
Replying to

It takes practice. One way that works for me is setting a calendar entry to do it daily. Upon waking check in with yourself and ask: How are you?

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