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On The Courage to Be Me

It's taken tremendous courage to launch this personal brand, my Facebook page and blog. For years now I've been aware that there are people in my circle who do not approve of what I do.

Right here, right now, as I write this post, this age old saying comes to mind... Sticks and stones will break my bones, but names will never hurt me. But, I'm not so sure I agree with that one. In fact, I don't. What I do and what I share comes from a place of love, and I do what I do because I'm passionate about helping others. This passion coupled with my great love of writing brings me here to share my message. If I can make a difference to just one person's life, I will feel filled with joy; if more people are positively impacted, I'm honoured to have been able to help. ​You see, this is not about me as some may think. It's not about sharing my woes to make people feel sorry for me. It's about being brutally honest and open so that others may find the courage to work through what they're struggling with. Doing exactly this has enabled me to move to loving my life and myself. It's a far cry from the deeply insecure young woman I once was. Being stuck is an awful feeling. I know this too well. Since the mid 90s I have wanted to work in the helping profession, but I kept doubting myself. And then of course, I attracted that doubt in comments from others. ​ Each time one of these situations of deep hurt have occurred I've had to process the pain and anguish, but what this has done, is make me stronger. Every experience has given me an opportunity to reiterate to myself that I have done nothing wrong. What I do, I do for honourable reasons, from a place of love and a desire to help others, and that is all that matters. But as I grow older and work through all of this with the help of professionals (counsellors, therapists and coaches at different times), I am now able to dig deep to become the real me. Nothing fills me up more than sharing my thoughts and feelings to help others. And, writing is something I have loved from a very early age. I vividly remember how alive I felt when writing essays at school. I think I'm safe to say that most kids dreaded it, but I was in my element. Now, having restarted this blog, I'm writing every day. Between blog and social posts, some days I'm writing several times, and I couldn't be happier. If you have a desire deep within your soul that you've been struggling to bring to life, reach out. I can help you work through what is holding you back. Please don't let judgements or criticisms stop you like I did for so long. It's not worth it. There will always be critics, no matter what you do. As long as you are 100% comfortable with what you are doing and why you're doing it, you have no reason to be ashamed or to stop. What would you love to be doing? Tell us in the comments. ​Until next time,

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