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Recognising a Need for People Vibe & Stimuli

For the last 12 years we've lived in the country and I love our slice of paradise. With three-quarters of an acre and views to the harbour in the distance, it's the most tranquil place to call home, but there is another lifestyle I'm drawn to.

In many aspects of life I seem to enjoy polar opposites. I love quiet but I also enjoy the vibe of a busy space. I love being alone and equally enjoy the company of others. I love being well-known for what I do in business yet I crave my privacy too. When we first moved to our rural Bay of Plenty property we lived and worked in the area for a couple of years and my husband was then transferred back to Auckland. For the following four years we travelled between Auckland and Tauranga each week. Getting up as early as 4.00am some weeks to be in the office for a 7.30am start we loved the contrast. Our weeks consisted of living in a one bedroom apartment, walking to the local supermarket and for me, bussing to my city job. Come the weekend I'd revel in literally getting my hands in the dirt in our massive vegetable and flower gardens. It's now eight years since I left the corporate world, and for Craig it's four years. We both work from home in our respective businesses and it works beautifully. But, I have that for people, vibe and stimuli bubbling away inside. At times when I visit friends in Auckland or travel to other cities to vacation, we almost always choose an urban location. Getting back to the buzz of city cafes and busy streets stirs something within me. But then so does walking abandoned seashores. The polarity is real. Noticing my thoughts and feelings during this time has been interesting. As I process each internally, journal, blog and post about my life, this too helps me to not only know where to head next, but to know myself better. Question: What do you recognise in your life as being polar opposites? I'd love to hear your experience of contrast in your life. With love,

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