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Staying Positive When Disappointment Comes Knocking

Life has a way of giving us the opportunity to experience all of our emotions, if we listen; if we tune in. And, if we are in tune. When disappointment strikes t's easy to get annoyed or upset at the small day to day things that appear to be the issue, rather than finding the real cause of our discomfort, distress or despair.

A recent situation that was cause for great excitement offering a new challenge, has stalled. After the enthusiasm of research, some high-level planning and great anticipation, one door after another has closed. For the first time in almost two months, since being on my new vitamin and mineral regime, I've woken feeling a little despondent. This feelings is like an old friend who used to come knocking daily. But, I must say it's a pleasant surprise to have had relief from this pal of late. In a blog post last month I talked about the power of surrendering and how letting go heals the mind, body and soul. It seems it is time for me to do just that. Making a conscious decision to hand over to the universe my desire for the new is what I have done. No longer will I push in a direction that feels so hard, and is zapping my energy. It's time for me to refocus on what is flowing right now. With my thriving and ever-expanding business, Upcycled & Co., this is certainly something to be grateful for in these times. Of late an improved level of energy, mood and general well-being is such a fantastic feeling having suffered for so long with the exact opposite. And, this blog that I enjoy so much. I'm starting to get amazing comments from a small following of wonderful women for which I am so, so grateful. Keeping my thoughts positive is a challenge at these times, as I'm sure you know from experience. As I navigate this time I'm ever so fortunate to have incredible friends who are open, honest and help me to see exactly what is going on. One such friend reminded me this morning that feeling this disappointment confirms that I know what I want. And, that this too (these feelings) will pass. As I move through these feelings, and even as I write this blog post, I am beginning to see there is a reason for all of this. I know that is always the case. From every disappointment comes an opportunity to learn and to grow. Maybe the reason doors are not opening at this time is because for now, I am meant to be where I am. It could be that all of the dead ends will prove to have been keeping me safe from something I do not yet know about. There will be a reason and it will uncover itself in time. For now, I need to trust the process of life. To keep an open mind and an open heart. To appreciate what I do have and to make small changes in other areas of my life that I want to improve. Getting this blog out to a wider audience, along with editing and publishing my book are goals for 2021, and improving my health and fitness even more. Question: When have you had a desire for change that was road blocked at every turn? I'd love to hear your experience. With love,

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