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Struggle No More: Choosing the Easy Route

As you know, we've been renovating a rental property these last couple of months. It's been an interesting time as I've spent a good few weeks out of my usual routine and away from my desk.

Today I feel as though I’m getting some clarity about what's next in life. Not that I’m going to jump into anything, but it’s nice to have the headspace to be noticing my thought patterns about my future.

The other day a friend said that she’s discovered she could bumble along and have the life she wants. This really resonated with me.


Because I’ve been so driven for so long, that I’d almost forgotten what going with the flow was like.

On many levels, I have always struggled. I’m not saying this to get attention or sympathy, I don’t want either of those things. I’m saying it because it’s how it is for me and sharing this information may (or may not) be useful for others.

I have struggled because I have made choices that meant I struggled.

This is entirely my doing.

It became the pattern of my life.

What I have realised recently though is that I don’t need to make those kinds of choices any longer. Actually, I never had to make them, I just thought I did.

I can choose the easy route.

I don’t have to strive.

I don’t have to push hard.

And, I don’t have to make life difficult for myself.

I can choose E-A-S-Y!

This has been quite a revelation for me and although it feels rather strange, I’m warming to the idea. I’m interested to see where my thinking goes next, and how I can perhaps, do life in a new way.

This isn’t the ‘big goal’ thinking I’ve always had—it’s a completely new concept.

And, even though it’s totally the opposite, it just could, in itself, be life-changing.

What do you choose—easy or hard?

With love,

Kathryn x


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