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Take The Pressure Off Yourself

Earlier today I was reflecting on how often I put so much pressure on myself.

The last few weeks I've been telling myself I need to get the vegetables into the garden for winter, that there's a food crisis, prices are high and it will be best to grow our own. And, of course, all of those things are true.

However, I've also just started a new business, I'm writing a book, developing an online course, and doing everything else I normally do. It's a lot.

So, I decided to give myself a break.

This winter I'll skip having a vegetable garden, then in the spring, I'll plant again ready for summer.

It feels good to take that pressure off myself. It's easy to keep telling myself I have to do things when in actual fact, I don't. I get to decide.

I don't need to do everything. I don't need to push myself so hard.

I think we all need to give ourselves a break sometimes. I believe we need to be kinder to ourselves. Whether it taking a mental health day when we feel the need, not pushing ourselves so hard or just making a different choice for a time, we need to lighten our load every now and then.

Where could you take some pressure off right now?

With love,

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