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The Overwhelming Task of Decluttering

Over the last several years life has gotten busier and busier—and I’ve gotten older. This combination has meant some tasks I would previously have found easy, have gotten more challenging—and decluttering is one of them.

A goal I set myself at the beginning of 2024 was to clear out cupboards and reduce the amount of stuff I have in our house.

Starting off with a bang, I did the kitchen and was feeling good. But, now that I’m focused on other areas, I’m not making great progress at all. And, I’m actually feeling completely overwhelmed with the enormity of the project.

Analysing what I’m doing and why, which is what I do, I’m finding that in addition to the size of the task, I have doubts creeping in like, but what if I need that down the track or I really like that top and it cost a fortune and I’ve only worn it once in the 5 years I’ve had it.

Sound familiar? I think it’s a common theme.

I’ve come up with a strategy so I can move forward.

1. Set Weekly Goals - Working on one area, cupboard or space of the house at a time as a weekly goal will mean I am making progress. This coming week I will be tackling my wardrobe where I have many items I’ve not worn in a very long time and some that I’ve worn but no longer need.

2. Remove the Excess From the House Immediately - A mistake I have made in the past was to hold onto the bags of clothing I’d removed from my wardrobe, rather than taking them to the charity shop straight away. Now, once I’ve done one area, the bags or boxes go into the car, ready for my next trip into town.

3. Don’t Think About It - Once things are gone, they are gone. Yes, in the past I’ve sent something to the charity shop I subsequently wanted, but it was never catastrophic, so hey, what’s the point in worrying about it.

4. Let Go - Many items have an emotional connection whether positive or negative. Letting go of things from stressful times in your life might just bring more benefits than have a clutter-free space. Sometimes not seeing those items will have a more positive effect than we realise.

5. Celebrate Progress - The other thing I’m doing is celebrating my progress, and reflecting on and enjoying the space I have decluttered. It feels so good to open a cupboard or draw to see everything in it’s place and well organised.

So, if you’re wanting to declutter and you’re feeling overwhelmed, start small, set yourself weekly goals, let things go, and celebrate your progress, then enjoy the fruits of your labour.

If you’d love to connect, I’d be honoured. You can book a session from as little as US$30 (NZ$50), take my online course, or read my book, Flourish.

Listen to my podcast here.

With love,

Kathryn x


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