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The Power & Energy of Passion

For as long as I remember, I have loved to write. Am I perfect at it? No. But boy does it make my heart and soul sing. My first memories are writing stories at primary school and later, essays at high school. I loved English, and although I found it hard to grasp some concepts, due to what I now know to be differing learning styles (as well as other things that hindered my learning at that time), this was when I identified it as a passion.

Off and on over the years I've blogged, written poetry, journaled, started numerous books and I completed my first manuscript earlier this year. ​Like most things I'm passionate about, it doesn't actually matter to me if I'm good at it or not. For me, skiing is the same, I absolutely love it and I'm not bothered that I'm not the best or even close. It's the sheer joy I get out of participating that fills me up. ​This year I have set myself a new goal; well, it's more than that really, it's a new life mission. Similar to the decision I made more than 30 years ago when I entered therapy to always seek to understand myself, I've now made a commitment to writing. Always. A skill I can hone to perfection if I wish, or continue sharing what I've learned (and am learning) in life. With this blog, my Facebook page , Instagram account, and in my first book I've just written, I'm back on track. For me, this truly is my happy place. And, since losing my dear brother to brain cancer on New Years Eve 2019, I'm more determined than ever to make this passion of being an author, speaker, and mentor a reality. So, tell me, where is your happy place? ​Until next time,


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