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The Power of Acceptance: How Embracing My Single Life Brought Love to Me

Towards the end of my time in psychotherapy, I found myself single, living alone, and yearning for a meaningful relationship. No matter how hard I tried to accept my situation, I couldn't. I felt stuck. I felt sad. And, I felt lonely. Long evenings in an empty house left me feeling isolated, and I realized this was one of the most challenging periods of my life. But little did I know that a profound shift was about to occur—one that would teach me the power of acceptance and lead me on a path to inner peace and fulfilment of my ultimate dream.

The Struggle to Accept

Despite nurturing myself with self-care and engaging in fulfilling activities, I still felt an underlying sense of unhappiness. Loneliness and the anguish of being single overwhelmed me at times. It was during this period that my psychotherapist shared her belief that going with the flow and accepting life as it is would eventually bring positive experiences my way. Although difficult to digest, I trusted her wisdom after years of working together and I worked hard to embrace this mindset.

The Journey of Acceptance

Accepting the present moment proved to be one of the toughest challenges I faced. However, I gradually discovered that acceptance brought me to a place of stillness and inner calm. Surrendering and giving up the fight resulted in peaceful energy washing over me. After months of practising and going with the flow, I began to witness a shift in various areas of my life. Life became easier, smoother, and I no longer felt like I was swimming against the tide.

The Turning Point

It was late in 2007, and I had been dating for most of the year without finding "the one." Frustration, tears, and countless conversations with friends and family seemed to stretch on indefinitely. But then, something remarkable happened. After engaging in deep reflection, journaling, and processing all of my emotions as they arose, I realized that accepting my life exactly as it was, including the possibility of being single forever, was the key. One spring morning, I woke up feeling a profound shift within me—a feeling of acceptance replaced my tears, frustration, and yearning.

Living and Embracing Life

This pivotal moment marked the beginning of a new chapter. I had reached a point where I was ready to move forward, free from the burden of seeking external validation. No more tears, no more frustration—just a profound desire to live fully. It was a powerful demonstration of the adage that when we've truly had enough, we do the work that results in the change we've been longing for. My therapist's teachings resonated deeply: reaching my lowest point opened the door to transformation.

Everything Changed From That Moment On

Having made the decision to accept my single life, I logged on to the first dating site to remove my profile. Tick. As I proceeded to do the same thing for the second site, I came across a message from the man I've now been married to for fifteen years. It is my belief that my ability to accept and embrace my life exactly as it was—completely surrendering, brought me what I truly desired.

The journey to acceptance was a challenging one, but the rewards were immeasurable. By embracing acceptance and surrendering to what is, I found inner peace, contentment, and a renewed sense of self. It was through this acceptance that my life began to align with my desires, and I discovered the beauty of living authentically. May my story inspire others to embrace acceptance and trust that when we let go of resistance, miracles can unfold.

With love, Kathryn x


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