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The Power of Taking Positive Action

I'd recently become increasingly frustrated about my lack of action-taking in certain areas of my life. As I started to focus on it the feelings began to boil up inside of me. And, the more I thought about it, the more furious I felt. Then I had a major realisation.

There are some things I've wanted to do for a very long time that I've not been doing. Why? Because I'm afraid of what others will think. Because I'm not sure if it's the right decision. Because I'm worried I won't continue. Okay, so you get the picture. What I had to do first, was realise that I have complete control over not only my thoughts about what was going on, but also about whether or not I took action towards these goals. And, I get to decide whether I do them or not, not anyone else. Sometimes I worry if I should spend the money. Sometimes I worry if I can do the thing. But what good does that do.

"If you can do something about it; why worry? If you can't do something about it; why worry?"


The most positive and empowering thing I did was to take action. I turned my frustration and fury into positive forward momentum. And, that's what got me out of my funk. I made a call to two local gyms to get pricing. I made a call to a new coach. I made a call to some new suppliers for things I want to get done. ​Now, instead of feeling resentful and frustrated about things that have not been done (or that I am not doing) I feel empowered and positive once again. What is something that has caused you to feel disempowered? And, what did you do about it? I'd love to know. Tell me in the comments. ​With love,


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