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The Sheer Joy of Early Mornings

Do you love early mornings? I do! I remember my Dad saying that he got up at 4.30am because he loved that time of day.

And so do I.

If you're not a morning person, so be it; there's a message here for you though too.

For the last few years, I haven't been up early on a regular basis, but I'm back into it now and loving it.

This journey I'm on is all about coming home to me. It's about remembering, embracing and becoming every part of who I really am. It's about listening for the quiet whisper within. It's about finding the courage to take the action that I know feeds my soul.

It's so easy to let life, and others people's opinions, dictate what we choose to do. And, being a people pleaser from way back, this involves a constant revisiting of my own thoughts, feelings and behaviours, and to them bring myself back. Each time I do that though, I feel as though my resolve, and my knowing, becomes stronger and stronger.

As I navigate this path of being a writer, and working in the personal development field, I'm more and more focused on bringing consciousness to all that I do. Because this is the only way I can make the best choices.

I know I do my best work in the morning.

I know I love the feeling that the rest of the world is still asleep (I know it's not).

I know I get excited when I think about getting up early.

These last few weeks I've been setting the alarm for 5.00am, and often waking about 20-30 minutes before that, carefully and quietly getting out of bed, and pulling on my big thick socks and warm fluffy cable roll neck home jumper.

I'm met by our joyful wee boy Sid, our Border Terrier, and he's delighted to see me. Greeting me with the biggest stretch (dogs know what their bodies need) and much wagging of his tail and rear end (he can't help himself), he's up and set to go too.

The underlying message here is this. When it comes to sleep and rest are you feeding your soul? And, maybe that means staying up into the wee small hours and sleeping until late. Maybe that's your thing.

Above all else, honour yourself by doing what you love.

With love,

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