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The Sleep Remedy That Changed My Life

It's been almost 10 years since I've slept well. From a period of time in peri-menopause of being wide awake in the early hours of the morning for what seemed like forever, to tossing and turning all night long and times of getting very little sleep at all.

I'm always one to try things. Many remedies, supplements and other modalities have given me some relief at times, but this new one blows them all out of the water. One of the biggest things I found was having choices. So, I'd like to run through what has worked (even if for a short period of time or to a small degree) because it may work for you. 1. Meditation definitely helped me to relax before bed and calmed my mind, even if for only 10 minutes. 2. A short 10 minute yoga practice allowed me to feel grounded and centred, and tuned in to my body. One particular pose that works well for relaxation is legs up the wall. 3. Listening to guided meditations and sleep apps. 4. An audiobook playing as I went to sleep. 5. A warm bath or spa before bed. 6. Exercise definitely helped, but having the energy to do enough when I was sleep deprived was the issue. 7. Magnesium before bed is something I still do every night and it helps also. 8. Weleda Sleep & Relax Drops (in New Zealand) and named Weleda Avena Sativa Comp. Drops (overseas) are unbelievably amazing. Check them out here for New Zealand and other countries. They're available on Amazon too. Without a doubt, the sleep drops have been truly life changing. A very recent trial, this remedy has me sleeping more soundly than I have in 10 years. And I'm waking far less. Last night for example, I woke once to use the bathroom, and for me, that is a miracle. What I have found is that it's always about trial and error. Something that works for you may may not work for your friend and vice versa. Be persistent. Keep trying things until you find the best solution. At times I felt very despondent when I couldn't find anything that gave me relief. A lack of sleep can be extremely debilitating and cause all kinds of other issues like depression, anxiety and even severe physical problems such as heart attacks, strokes and more. I'd love to hear your experience with finding sleep solutions. Tell me in the comments. ​Until next time,


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