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The Wisdom of the Night: Profound Revelations in a Wakeful Slumber

Have you ever had an intense and powerful thought come to you in the night?

Experiencing a profound revelation in your early restless hours can be eye-opening on one level and life-changing on another.

It's not something I experienced often, but recently the insight of such an event was so great left me astonished. Why had this never occurred to me before? I've been on my own intentional personal development journey now for thirty-six years and this is the first time this particular realisation has emerged.

To me, this beautifully portrays the fact that we are on this journey for life. Once we begin, there is no end. Even though I consciously made a lifelong commitment to this path back in the late 80s, I'm still surprised and delighted by where I am led and what I discover about myself.

Here's what you can do when you have a major realisation in the wee small hours.

1. Write it down. As much as you might assure yourself you will remember, most of the time, you won't. You go back to sleep, you dream about something else (or not) and when you wake in the morning you have no recollection.

2. Give it some time. Spend time with what you wrote. Think about how this fits with your life now, your past, and how perhaps it connects the two. How does this impact your life now? What happened in the past that made this so?

3. Integrate it into your life. Find ways to integrate your learning into the present. What do you need to change? How do you need to be? If this is important to you, make sure you take the action you need to take.

4. Monitor your progress. Make a conscious effort to journal about this in the coming days and weeks. Notice how you feel about it and continue to reflect on it.

5. Accountability. You may find a buddy useful when you're wanting to implement changes in your life. Not everyone can access counselling, therapy, or mentoring, but anybody can find someone to connect with for support.

Sometimes we have the most incredibly powerful and potentially life-changing thoughts in the dark of the night. When you have a strong sense there's something profound in your thoughts, take notice. Record the thought, examine it more closely, and find the lesson so you can consciously incorporate the learning into your life. And if you need it, find someone to be your accountability partner.

With love,

Kathryn x


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