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This Always Happens When I Step Outside My Comfort Zone

Recently I've been focusing on growing this business, and I'll be honest, I've had some big challenges. At times I've felt extremely frustrated because things weren't moving as quickly as I wanted them to. What I did though, was go through the feelings. And now, things are coming together. New clients are booking, I'm gaining new followers online, and it's flowing.

As I step outside my comfort zone, I know will experience uncomfortable feelings. Whether that is fear, sadness, frustration, feeling down, or just plain blah—I know this is all part of the process.

This is a cycle. And, we all go through cycles.

The exciting part of these feelings (that you may not love), is that they indicate that better things are coming.

And, the more you allow yourself to feel the feelings the quicker you will move through them. Get the feelings out of your mind and body—walk each day, journal about how you feel, you can even thump a pillow or have a good yell in your car if you need to. All of these things work to process feelings.

You are about to move into an exciting time of new experiences in and of yourself and your world.

If you’d love to connect, I’d be honoured. You can book a session from as little as US$30 (NZ$50), take my online course, or read my book, Flourish.

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With love,

Kathryn x


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