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What I Discovered About Stevia

Recently I have been doing a bit of research about artificial sweeteners, and I have found some very interesting information. I've always known they are not all equal, however I've now learned that for some people, some can have quite far-reaching effects.

Since going through menopause I have had issues with anxiety off an on which has prompted me to look at what I'm eating, the foods that help anxiety and those that hinder. What I've discovered has been very, very interesting. ​As I travel this journey of taking better care of myself, my daily practice includes recording in my journal what I'm noticing. It could be my energy levels, my mood, what foods I'm wanting to eat or it could be my thoughts and feelings. This daily practice has definitely helped me to understand myself, and make some pretty interesting discoveries. So my research about stevia in particular has really got me thinking about the fact that it could indeed be impacting my anxiety. What I found is that stevia can negatively impact those who are have depression and anxiety as it can affect your central nervous system. Take a look at this article, Stevia Side Effects: Nervous System & Psychological to find out more. What I have found really interesting, is that over the last few days in particular, my body has wanted fruit instead of my chocolate or cookies, both of which have artificial sweeteners in them. My body knows what it needs and wants; all of our bodies do. Make sure you listen to your mind, body and soul. If you have a hunch that you need to change something, do your research. Keep journaling as you take your journey, notice what is going on and learn from it. Until next time,


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