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What Lies Are You Telling Yourself?

I'll admit that right now, given that I'm not working, I get pangs of anxiety around income.

Some of the thoughts that swim around in my head are, “What if my new business doesn’t work?”, and “What if I can’t make any money?”, and “You’re stupid to have let go of a good income for one that is unknown”, and “I don’t have anything to offer.”

What I’m constantly reminding myself is that these thoughts are not the truth. They are my anxious self talking.

The part of me that makes up stories to berate myself.

The part that makes up stories to scare me.

The part that makes up stories to make me bad, wrong, stupid or terrible, a place that reiterates my deep programming from my childhood when I took onboard comments, judgements and criticisms from others. None of which is true.

Now, I need to remind myself of this.

The truth is - I’ve built three successful businesses before and I can do it again. - It was time to close down my paint company and I am definitely not stupid. - I’ve been passionate about personal development for 35 years. - I will make money from my new business. - I have a great deal of wisdom, experience and knowledge.

So, my question is this.

What are you telling yourself that simply is not true?

With love,

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