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What Motivates You?

You may very well be motivated by completely different things to me, but finding what motivates you is a game-changer. As the image above says... Do what makes you happy.

It sounds easy doesn't it. But our old programming can get in the way of allowing ourselves the freedom to be, do, and have what makes us happy.

Right now I'm preparing for an online painting workshop by @Nicholas Wilton from @Art2Life and he's been taking us through a series of pre-workshop tips which have been super-helpful.

Since I published my first book, Flourish, I've started working on my second one which is half finished, and I have an outline started for my third one. And, I have a big list of other books I want to write.

Here's what I've been doing though. I have been berating myself for having started the third book before I've finished the second one, and this has been holding me back from doing any writing the last few weeks.

What Nicholas Wilton says though is this: Working on at least two pieces of art at once is a much faster way to learn and to get work completed.

Upon hearing this I instantly became so much more excited, both about the painting I'm about to start doing, and my writing.

I feel alive again. I feel inspired again. I feel motivated again.

Why? Because doing more than one thing at a time is what has me experiencing those feelings.

I get bored easily.

I like doing more than one thing at a time.

This way of working motivates me.

So, what motivates you?

I'd love to know... tell me in the comments.

With love,

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