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When It's Time to Integrate

Over the last three to four years I've done quite a lot of personal development. With counselling, coaching, and for the first time, intuitive healing, it's been a significant piece of work.

When I was in psychotherapy back in the 90s, I remember my therapist saying that it was important to have time to integrate the changes we make, and we need space to do that.

It's been about three and a half months now since I've had a session of any kind, and I'm beginning to see, and intensely feel, big changes.

It's about becoming. It's about becoming who we are to be next.

It's about the unfolding of the new self we will be.

Once I would have found this part of the stage a little scary, not knowing what was next, and feeling out of sorts at times. This I now know is all part of the process of healing.

And these days, I find this part exciting.


Because it often means...

I will be making some big decisions.

I will be making different choices.

And, I will be creating the next phase of my life.

This doesn't always mean big outward changes for me, although sometimes it does. Often it's thinking differently or deciding to give something new a go. Tonight for example, I've written a few social media and blog posts, something I never do in the evening. But, given I'm not much of a television or movie person, and I'm a little bit over the regular kind of stuff I watch on YouTube, I thought I'd go with my urge to write—something I almost always do early in the morning.

It feels different, but it feels good.

And, it's so good to do new things.

What do you notice when you do big pieces of personal development work? I'd love to know.

With love,


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