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When One Door Closes

When one door closes, another one opens. That is the truth. But... Not until we've been through the process. Not until we've been into the void.

The space between is a place I'm finding uncomfortable right now.

After closing down my paint company a couple of weeks ago, my team and I have still been busy with customer enquiries, getting orders processed, more stock ordered and financials tidied up. Today though, as the end of this activity draws closer, it's getting quiet. It's a very strange sensation of a lack of doing.

After six years of working my butt off there is nothing to do - no monthly promotions to plan, no supplies to order, no customers to respond to, no social media posting to do, and no website to maintain.


This is a feeling I recognise that I have experienced it twice before. Once when I left the corporate world nine years ago, and back in the mid 90s when I left my job as a Flight Attendant. Both of these were big changes, as is this one.

It takes me time to transition through such times. And, that's okay.

Thinking about your own experience with change, how quickly do you move on?

With love,


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