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Your Triggers Can Help You Heal

There are so many things in our every day lives that can trigger us. And, so often, it's when we least expect it.

Being mindful of our triggers help us to become aware of and acknowledge what we are truly feeling.

This morning while watching a vlog I follow, the tears flowed.

The video was of the 50-something year old woman I follow and her 84 year old mother sitting at a table under a beautiful tree in a nature reserve. They chatted away. They laughed.

They joked. They told each other how much they loved each other.

Seeing the love and connection between them my thoughts immediately went to wondering what that would be like, and to my sadness at having lost my mother so many years ago.

We get busy with life and we don't always acknowledge how big something is that we've been through, nor how it has impacted our lives.

So, this morning, I'm taking a moment to feel yet another round of grief for all of the lost years, and the lost moments between my mother and I.

I don't believe we ever get over losing someone dear to us, we just learn how to live with it and manage it.

Remembering my beautiful mother and wishing I too could sit on the park bench and put my arm around her and tell her how much I love her.

Be mindful of your triggers, they're an incredibly helpful part of our healing journey.

With love,


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