A collection of books, tools and techniques I use in my life to

support my personal development journey.


[All music and meditations has been created for me and is fully downloadable]



Solfeggio frequencies are specific tones of sound that profoundly affect the

conscious and subconscious mind to promote healing and vitality.


Helps replace negative thoughts with positive ones and is beneficial for anxiety, and to awaken intuition and inner strength.

639 Hz

Promotes the balancing of emotions and elevates the mood, and helps with communication, love and understanding in relationships.


Known for its deeply soothing and calming effects and is great for sleep, meditation,

yoga, gentle exercise and relaxation.


Stress-reducing and healing effects and is ideal background music when you feel

under the weather or simply need to slow down. 


Over the years, engaging mentors, coaches, counsellors and therapists has been

the single biggest contributor to my personal growth, and business success.

And, it continues to be.