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Get the inspiration you need!

Kathryn's presentation was impressive. In fact, it was next level awesome! She's a true professional who can engage an audience from beginning to end. 

Fiona Paterson

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With more than 35 years on her own intentional personal development journey, Kathryn's delivery is inspirational and thought-provoking.

Kathryn tailors her presentation to the objectives of your event.

If there's a particular talk you'd like, please ask.


Keynote: If Not Now, When?

Everyone has a dream—and, I believe you can Create the Life YOU Want.

Prepare to be inspired, challenged, and ultimately empowered to live the magnificent life you've always dreamed of—a life overflowing with joy, purpose, and boundless possibilities.

The key to unlocking your extraordinary life, lies in understanding yourself, the choices you make, and taking action. Kathryn's mission is to share what she's learned to inspire others.


This keynote can be adapted in length and focus to suit your needs.

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