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Welcome... I'm honoured you are here!

For more than three decades my intentional personal development journey has led me to a life I never imagined possible. What I learned throughout that time, and am still learning today, is what I'm passionate about sharing.

When we take the time to connect with our thoughts and feelings, we are taken on a path of self-discovery. When we slow down and feel it all, we experience what it is like to truly live.


Who is Kathryn Price?

So, tell me more.


Being an HSP (Highly Sensitive Person), I feel things deeply. I always have.

Learning to listen to the quiet whispers of my soul has been key in navigating my life. 

In a crazy busy world that rates doing far above being, it's been challenging to remain on that path.

Often being pulled back to what felt safe and what was expected of me, rather than

what my soul desired, is a pattern I continue to work with. 

Sound familiar?

For as long as I can remember I have loved to write. It's been a deep passion since high school. As a teenager, when my peers were dreading the next essay assignment, I couldn't wait. 

Over the years I have written poetry and blogs, I have been a technical writer and a website content writer and taught business writing. I've started writing more books than I can remember. Now, I have one completed and in 2022 I will be publishing my first book. It's a collection of stories and lessons learned during my intentional personal development journey of more than 35 years.


Creating a space where I could express myself on a regular basis, and have conversations with like-minded people is what this is about.

My hope is that what I share here inspires you to follow your deepest desires and create the life YOU want.

Let's see where this journey takes us.

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And so, I started a blog...

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