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Work With Me

"When I met Kathryn I was overwhelmed;

I was able to get clarity, refocus, and

now I'm thriving."

Conference Meeting


Join me for LIVE in-person and LIVE online events throughout

the year.

Using a Computer


Let's work together to identify where you're stuck and how

to move you forward. 

What I've learned in the last three decades is that the universe is here to support us to find our own answers—the answers we have deep within our souls. Our job is to get quiet for long enough, to listen.


When we listen and trust that we are being guided on the right path, our life becomes unimaginably beautiful. When we stop trying to make things happen and go with the flow, life unfolds.


For this to happen, we must look within and we must feel the things we don't want to feel. The irony of facing the dark is that there is more light on the other side than we could ever imagine—more joy, more beauty, more laughter, more acceptance, and more love.


Are you ready to flourish?


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