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The Benefits of Trusting Your Gut in Business & Life

Have you ever had a gut feeling that something wasn't quite right? It was more of a hunch, than being back up with any kind of factual information and you couldn't get it out of your head. Maybe you had a strong urge to go somewhere you wouldn't normally go, or even pursue a path that seemed unconventional or risky?

You will have come to know these types of feelings being referred to as your intuition—a deep inner knowing that something either is or is not, right. Whilst you can easily dismiss such feelings because they're often very subtle, they are a powerful guide to navigating your life.

Intuitive feelings are often very hard to put into words, which can make it hard to trust them. But over time and with a collection of experiences of following your gut feelings, and having the proof of the outcomes, you can learn to have confidence in these feelings. Honouring your intuition is a powerful tool for living an authentic and fulfilling life.

Here are a few reasons why listening to your intuition is so important:

1. Your intuition knows when your conscious mind doesn’t. Your intuition draws on all of your experiences, on your conscious and unconscious mind, body language, and your emotions. From each of these parts, your intuition picks up on subtleties you may not be consciously aware of in that moment.

2. Your intuition can help you make decisions. Relying only on your rational mind when making decisions means that you can at times get caught up in the detail, going around in circles so to speak and never coming to a conclusion. By getting quiet and asking yourself a question such as this, then sitting in silence, your answer will come. If you can get quiet and ask yourself: What do I need here? What is the best decision I can make now?

3. Your intuition can inspire you. A big contributor to creating new ideas and having fresh insight is your intuition. Often your rational mind will throw up all kinds of barriers, whereas your subconscious mind keeps it simple—it's either a yes or a no. When you stop overthinking, it's so much easier to see what is really going on.

So how can you tap into your intuition and the power of its strength and guidance?

Increasing self-awareness by practicing mindfulness and meditation is the best way to become more connected with your inner voice. Set aside a few minutes a day to practice going within, listening to your soul, and noticing what comes up. Try making an effort to check in with yourself first thing in the morning when you wake up and ask yourself: How do I feel? Name the feeling and notice any bodily sensations as you do.

Your body will let you know what is going on. Learning to notice physical how your body reacts to different situations will give you great insight. This in turn can help you become more attuned to your intuition.

Taking small risks can elevate our anxiety, especially if you're stepping outside your comfort zone. But, practicing taking notice of your gut feeling and acting on it will prove to you that it's right. This will give you the evidence you need to trust it even more in the future.

With love,


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