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The Power of Negative Energy: How to Minimise the Effects

You’ve more than likely experienced moments when you've walked into a room and sensed something was not right. Or perhaps you've interacted with someone who left you feeling drained and mentally fatigued. While it might be easy to dismiss these sensations as mere coincidence, there's actually a profound truth underlying these experiences: the energy we radiate and absorb from others can significantly impact our well-being. If you are a highly sensitive person (HSP) or empath, you are even more susceptible to this phenomenon.

A few months ago I found myself in a physical space where there had previously been a lot of negative energy. After returning to this space for a few days, I found myself feeling more and more anxious, and extremely negative. As I observed myself spiralling downward, physically, emotionally, and mentally, I was baffled. I’d not experienced any of these states for many years. And then it struck me; this was not my energy, but that of other people who had been in this space.

If this is not something you’ve heard of before, let me share a little more and explain what energy is in this context.

Over the last three years, I’ve been working with Gilly Godward, a talented, highly intuitive healer and mentor. In the work we’ve done together, I’ve learned about the power of energy, both my own, and that of others. What I discovered is that as a HSP, I do pick up on, and take on board, the energy of those around me. This recent experience was a perfect example.

The nature of energy

Energy goes beyond the physical realm. It refers to the emotional, psychological, and spiritual vibes that we emit and pick up from the people around us. Just as we are affected by the weather or the food we consume, we are also influenced by the emotional states of those we interact with. This phenomenon is often referred to as energy exchange.

The ripple effect of negative energy

Negative energy is like a ripple in a pond; it starts from a single source and spreads outward, affecting everything it comes into contact with. When we encounter someone who is consistently negative, stressed, or anxious, their energy can seep into our own emotional space. This can manifest as feelings of unease, increased stress, or even physical discomfort.

Emotional contagion

Human beings are naturally wired to pick up on the emotions of others. This is known as emotional contagion and occurs when the emotions of one person unconsciously affect the emotional state of another. If you're surrounded by individuals who emit negative energy, you might find yourself feeling more irritable, sad, or anxious without fully understanding why.

Draining of vitality

Negative energy can be draining, sapping your mental and emotional resources. Constant exposure to people who project negativity can leave you feeling exhausted, both mentally and physically. This drain can interfere with your ability to focus, make decisions, and engage in activities you enjoy.

Impact mood and outlook

Your mood and overall outlook on life can also be influenced by the energy around you. Prolonged exposure to negativity can lead to increased pessimism and a decreased sense of personal well-being. It's as if the clouds of negative energy cast a shadow over your own perspective.

Disrupted relationships

The energy we bring into our relationships plays a significant role in how we connect with others. Negative energy can strain relationships, making communication difficult and causing misunderstandings. If you're consistently exposed to negativity, it might even impact your ability to form meaningful connections.

Protecting your energy

While it's not always possible to completely avoid negative energy, there are strategies you can employ to protect yourself and maintain your emotional well-being:

1. Set boundaries. Recognise when someone's negative energy is affecting you and establish healthy boundaries. It's okay to limit your exposure to individuals who consistently drain your energy.

2. Practice self-care. Engage in activities that replenish your emotional reserves. Whether it's spending time in nature, practising mindfulness, or pursuing hobbies, self-care can help counteract the effects of negative energy.

3. Surround yourself with positivity. Seek out positive, uplifting people and environments. Surrounding yourself with individuals who radiate positive energy can create a buffer against the impact of negativity.

4. Energetic cleansing. Engage in practices like meditation, deep breathing, or visualization to cleanse your energy and release any negativity you may have absorbed.

5. Use products and rituals. The use of essential oils, burning dried herbs or candles, as well as crystals and incense, are all ways you can cleanse a space. Decluttering and redecorating help to create a new atmosphere too.

The impact of negative energy from others should not be underestimated. Our emotional well-being is intricately connected to the energy we exchange with those around us. By being mindful of the energy we allow into our lives and actively taking steps to protect ourselves, we can better navigate the world while maintaining our sense of peace and positivity.


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