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The Journey of Writing My First Book

For those of you who have been following me for some time have heard me talking for more than a year now about this book I'm writing. I'm sure you'll be wondering whether, in fact, I'm going to publish it at all.

The process of writing, editing, refining, and publishing a book is, shall we say, much bigger than simply carrying out those tasks. Thankfully I have an amazing Book Coach, Christine Sheehy & Co who is helping me work through the task of editing my work. But, there is another whole process that goes on alongside the actual doing.

What I'm discovering is that writing a book is also an emotional and deeply spiritual process; at least it has been for me. Writing about my life, and compiling a book that is a guide, is something I'm finding extremely challenging from a vulnerability perspective. I'm putting out to the world, not only my story, but with that, my thoughts and feelings, and my beliefs about how I think I can help others to realise their dreams.

At times I feel like a small child lost in a forest, at others, a confident businesswoman with ideas and strategies I know work. The latter of course is the truth, however, that frightened child is there in all of us.

The process of writing this book, or for that matter, realising any dream, is like a rollercoaster ride. With ups and downs and everything in between, we take two steps forward, then what feels like, one step back. But we are always moving towards our goal if we are taking any steps at all.

​So, that was a very long way of saying...

Yes, my book is coming and I do hope to publish it in 2022, but we will see. I will continue through the editing and refining, and emotional and spiritual process, and my book will come to fruition when the time is right.

With love,


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